The information below is vital for the safe use of our contact lenses. Please read it carefully and use it as a guide alongside the instructions provided to you by your eye care specialist. The following instructions apply to all soft contact lenses. SECRETS BY NIKKI accepts no responsibility or liability for damages, infections or illnesses caused by misuse of your cosmetic lenses. Instructions -. Always have clean, dry hands when inserting or removing the lenses from the eye. Avoid wearing in dusty conditions where the lens may trap debris in the eye and cause irritations. Never share lenses with anyone else. Insert your contact lenses before applying your make-up. Never sleep with your cosmetic lenses as this could have some serios implications. Always keep your lenses in contact lens solution when not in use and stored in a contact lens container. Never use damaged contact lenses. If vision is affected in any way – remove the lenses immediately. Only store and use lenses for the life-time stated on the contact lenses. For safe use of contact lenses, you must follow the instructions carefully for their correct application, removal, cleaning and maintenance. Lens packaging that is intact guarantees that the product is sterile; if the seal is broken DO NOT USE the lenses and contact immediately the Help Desk. Before applying the contact lenses: Wash and dry your hands prior to taking the lenses out of the container.



Remove the lens from the blister pack and soak for 24 hours in a multipurpose solution before use. Before applying, rinse the lenses with saline solution or multipurpose solution. Place one of the lenses on to your index finger, making sure that the contact lens is the right way up. With your other hand, lower your bottom eyelid and gently place the contact lens on to your eye. Once the lens is on your eye, try to avoid blinking and look around gently so that the contact lens can position itself correctly. Remember to not wear them longer than our recommended 8-hour duration If you feel discomfort on insertion of the lens check that the lens has not inverted. Rinse the lens and reapply. IF YOUR EYE IS STILL IRRITATED AND DISCOMFORT CONTINUES, REMOVE THE LENS AND DO NOT REAPPLY IT UNTIL YOU HAVE CONTACTED YOUR SPECIALIST.



Ensure you have washed your hands thoroughly. With one hand lower your bottom eyelid of the lens you wish to remove. With your other hand, use your index finger to gently move the contact lenses towards your lower eyelid. As the contact lens starts to contact your bottom eyelid and begins to fold, gently remove the lens from your eye.

CAUTION - Remove the lenses and consult a doctor in the case of redness, burning, foreign body sensation or excessive lacrimation, blurred vision or other vision problems. Diuretics, antihistamines, decongestants, tranquilisers, antidepressants and birth control drugs can cause dryness in the eyes; in this case, you should consult your optician. If any chemical, harmful or irritant substance should come into contact with your eyes, immediately rinse your eyes and seek urgent medical advice. Ensure your contact lens solution is within its expiry date every time you place your contact lenses back into the container and never use running water to rinse them. Do not wet the lenses in your mouth.

Failure to comply with the rules for correct use of the lenses may cause serious damage to the eyes.